"By helping parents understand how to gain more knowledge and information for themselves, it's actually going to make the life of the studio owner easier." - Liz
“Liz provides an opportunity for dancers to stop and think about the big picture of their art, their technique, and more importantly their lives."
-Paula Abdul
“Liz Imperio has created some of my most memorable performances. In our time together she has inspired me to bring my A-Game to the stage...”
-Jennifer Lopez
“Liz is one of the most talented and
inspirational choreographers working today. ... she is a true virtuoso… there's nothing she can't do.”
-Kenny Ortega
RAISING SUCCESSFUL CHILDREN is a 10 Week Webinar + Q&A sessions with Liz Imperio, one of the foremost dance choreographers and creative minds in the industry.
10 clips from our exclusive Raising Successful Children - addressing the TOP 10 QUESTIONS Dance Families Ask...
How important is it to train in multiple genres including acting and singing?
"knowledge is power"
My child has no professional aspirations, so what is the value in committing so much time and money into dance?
"...connect them to a passion."
How can I help prevent my dancer from burning out? 
"dance was never meant to be an obligation"
My dancer is amazing in class, but has MAJOR anxiety in auditions. How do I help?
"everyone can play into their fears if they choose to"
"The Raising Successful Children webinar course was a HUGE help -not only as a mother of 3 dancers but also as a STUDIO OWNER. Liz's insight into the challenges all dancers face, and the best way we as parents can support them to be successful, was inspiring!"  
- Johnna Clark (Dellos Performing Arts Center)
"This information should be a required course for any parent raising their child in dance. It's that important!"
-Chris Smith/Dance Convention owner
Raising Successful Children is a 10 week webinar with 50 hours worth of live, interactive coaching. 
We are currently offering all dance parents enrollment at the low price of $299. 
(Regular course price $999)
AS A GIFT TO YOU, Liz is offering a Studio License 
that will give your dance parents unlimited access to Raising Successful Children 
for as low as $35/seat - THAT'S A 97% SAVINGS OFF the regular course price!
In competitive dance, how important is the value of dance solos vs. the value of team dances?
"there is great benefit if there is variety"
My son really enjoys dance, but my fear is that he will receive more negative attention than it's worth. How do I address this?
"normal people are crazy"
Managing Money - Where is the best value in choosing outside training?
"there is a point where too much is too much"
Spouse to Spouse Communications: What do we do when we don't see eye to eye about our child's pursuit in dance?
"it is important to get both parents on the same page"
How important is it to be flexible in professional dance?
"dance is soul... dance is soulful"
How do I encourage my teenager to be self motivated?
"burnout vs. laziness... one can lead to the next"
If you’ve found these videos helpful and informative, just think how much your dance parents will learn with our exclusive 10 Week Webinar – Raising Successful Children. Over 800 families have already reaped the benefits of this amazing program from Liz Imperio, one of the foremost dance choreographers and creative minds in the industry.
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