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Who's Liz Imperio?

"Greatness is a choice."

Industry Pro's

  • Jim Keith
    "...I literally wouldn't be here today if it were not for the teachings I learned from being Liz' student throughout my years in dance."
    Jim Keith
    President Movement Talent Agency
  • Chris Smith
    "This information should be a required course for any parent raising their child in dance. It's that important!"
    Chris Smith
    Owner, Hollywood Vibe Dance Convention
  • Brian Friedman
    "Liz Imperio is one of the toughest and most passionate teachers and choreographers I have ever had the blessing to work with…She is truly brilliant at what she does and her artistry comes from an honest place, rooted with passion. Liz Imperio is a living legend."
    Brian Friedman
    Choreographer/artistic Director
  • Terry Lindholm
    "From teaching on convention to working with recording artists Liz motivates each performer to reach their full potential. She is truly a force of nature filled with fire and an incomparable passion for educating. This combination of foundation and spark is what made her and her dancers successful in the industry. "
    Terry Lindholm
    President, Go 2 Talent Agency, Inc
  • Julie McDonald
    "Liz Imperio is a master teacher of all things “dance”. She is passionate about educating the next generation on both the technical aspects of dance and about what it takes to reach one’s maximum potential."
    Julie McDonald
    Senior Agent | Founder MSA Dance Agency

Studio Owners

  • Ilka Doubek
    "The parents the committed are incredibly grateful. I am grateful that the course supported the teacher/studio owner's perspective and endeavors. THANK YOU!"
    Ilka Doubek
    Litchfield Dance Company
  • Tiffiny Smalley
    "I am so impressed with the insights that Liz shared this week. I want all my amazing parents to have this information. I can't wait for the following classes! It is a wealth of knowledge that we are so blessed to be gaining from her. This program is going to change many lives."
    Tiffiny Smalley
    Davis Dance Academy

Dance Parents

  • Angela Campbell
    "This program is more a "foundation for your life"."
    Angela Campbell
  • Sara Landy
    "This program has been beneficial for my whole family. Really helped me deal with my pre-teen child."
    Sara Landy
  • Linda DiRubbio
    "Couldn't be more positive about something so amazing! I will be practicing what I learned for years ahead. Loved being a part of this awesome program!"
    Linda DiRubbio
  • Cheryl Sawicki
    "I listened to the last session while on a six hour road trip for a volleyball tournament with another child. I kept thinking, as I am now, how much of this applies to my athlete, as well as my dancer."
    Cheryl Sawicki
  • Mala Virani
    "Everything on this is spot on. Teaching dancers not just integrity and work ethic, but also how to work as a team is so integral to their success not just in the dance world but in life."
    Mala Virani


  • Sparkles Lund
    "Liz Imperio has helped me so much as a dancer, and I don't know what I'd do without her."
    Sparkles Lund
  • Elisabeth Van Stralen
    "Your program has given me so much confidence and success. I hope that I can help move your message forward! Blessings!"
    Elisabeth Van Stralen
  • Ruthie
    "Liz' dancer program, Breaking Barriers, has given me a say in my own life."
    Professional Dancer (Age 10)
  • Christine Ivy
    "Liz Is a visionary and an inspiration, and she reminds me why it is I continue to dance and why it is I love this art form so much."
    Christine Ivy
    Professional Dancer
  • Delmar Reyna
    "Dancers love working hard for Liz because she takes care of them, treats them like family, and goes to battle for them. Liz is regarded with much respect in the dance community for her leadership and creativity."
    Delmar Reyna
    Professional Dancer